Custom Exhibits

Purchasing a tradeshow exhibit offers many unique advantages compared to renting an exhibit. Depending upon company objectives and needs, purchasing a custom built exhibit could be the best option for your organization. 

Advantages of Custom Exhibits


  • Highly customizable, every detail can be fitted to your requirements.
  • Ability to reuse same graphics and other marketing material.

Cost Effective

  • Consistent use of the same booth structure for an extended time.
  • Exhibit investment and cost remain part of the budget over several years.

How We Can Help

We have the capability to create visually appealing exhibits in any size or shape. We’ll work together to create an environment that will draw attention on the floor and remain practical for conducting business. Lamar Exhibits can integrate your exhibit to display your company’s graphics, products, and components. Carpeting, lighting, electronics, and accessories will complete the package.
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