Rental Exhibits

Owning an exhibit isn’t always better than renting one. Rental trade show exhibits are an attractive choice for many companies. Depending on your company’s needs, renting an exhibit could be the better option in comparison to purchasing a custom-built exhibit.

Island Exhibits

Inline Exhibits

Peninsula Exhibits

Advantages of Rental Exhibits


  • Less initial financial commitment for entering a trade show program.
  • Renting avoids costs associated with storage, refurbishment, and inventory management.


  • Greater flexibility with booth sizes, shapes, and configurations.
  • Adaptability of booths from one show to the next depending on needs and requirements.

How We Can Help

We transform a rental exhibit into your unique and personalized exhibit with your company’s brand. Lamar Exhibits will customize your rental exhibit to display your company’s design, products, and components. We can also complete the package by furnishing your exhibit with carpeting, lighting, electronics, and accessories. Our goal is to provide a fully functional platform that will stand apart from your competition and gain attention on the tradeshow floor.
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